April 26, 2010

I should have known...

...when I was 7 years old directing Drake Busath on where I should sit, and what shots would look good for my photo-shoot.

...when I would wander mall photography studios marveling at the photos

...when I would look at photography websites to admire their work whenever I was bored

...when Brant got me my first kodak camera for Christmas

...when wherever we have traveled, I am lagging behind capturing everything I possibly can with my camera

...when back in the day at friend's weddings, I would try to capture the best photos possible for them with those disposable cameras they'd leave on the tables.

...when the first thing I would grab if my house was burning down is my photos

...when Brant got me my Canon SLR, my heart skipped a beat as I heard the shutter click

...when I would spend hours and hours studying photography

...when the more photos I took, the more and more excited inside I became, and the more right it felt...


1 comment:

Billie Joyce Sisk said...

It must be in the blood. Your grandfather Gregg always loved taking pictures and I'm sure he is so proud of your gift for photography.