September 20, 2010

At the State Fair we....

Listened to live music.
He was playing the Beatles which made me love it even more!
Rode the "Wiggle Worm"

Admired the Animal Print
were merry on the merry go round
Took a pig portrait
And capped off the night on the "fun slide" first Claire wasn't so sure....
But in the end she loved it!
And begged "again! again!" But this time with Daddy
What a way to end the day!
The End.


Becky said...

The looks on her face as she's going down the slide with the both of you is priceless! I can hardly stand it!

lamskid32 said...

Moments to always remember and treasure. Priceless!

lamskid32 said...

I love the pig portait. It posed very nicely for you.