September 16, 2010

Thursday's thoughts

Do you know what sets me apart from everyone else? Me. So here in Thursdays thoughts land, you get to learn a little more about me as a person and a little less about photography.

- I always keep my nails super duper short. I hate having longer nails and having stuff get under them.

- I got in the habit of having short nails because I am a licensed (non practicing right now) massage therapist. I went to utah college of massage therapy, and then went to their master program. I just love making people happy whether through photography, or helping them feel better with their aches and pains. :)

- I'm not gonna lie, I love watching the bachelor. My sweet husbands knows it's my guilty pleasure "me" time and will put Claire to bed while it's on. Don't judge. Haha

- One of my biggest pet peeves ever that I am totally 100% guilty of sometimes is when people go on and on about how busy they are. Thankfully, I haven't annoyed myself by doing it in a few weeks cause the summer is over and the summer was beyond insane! But seriously, there are some folks who just go on and on and on, I just want to say "WE GET IT! You're busy!" please stop me if I ever do it. Capeesh?

- I have claustrophobia issues. Brant always wants to go explore caves or hike the narrows and I'm like "puhscuze me? No way!"

- People are always shocked to hear that I have lived in ut for a long time, and I've never been to lake powell. (audible gasp)

- I remind myself a little bit of the dog Doug in the movie UP in that I care deeply for people right off the bat. "My name is Doug, and I love you!"

- Personal space bubbles beware! I'm a hugger too!

- I don't care what else is going on but mullets, kick ass mustaches, and bathroom humor make me laugh every time without fail.

There's me for this week. The holidays are coming up so stay tuned for a personal holiday catastrophe story!

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