March 19, 2011

Snow Canyon

Remember how I hate winter?  I think the worst of it is just after Christmas.  So lucky for me, my folks live in St George!  Claire and I escaped the drab, cold, inversion and went to St George...for like a month! It was absolutely we needed!  Brant jokes that I'm "solar powered", so the sunshine was good for my energy levels. :)  He got to come down and visit on the weekends to escape the winter too.  We got to play outside at the park almost every day.  Plus when my mom makes delicious home made meals every day, it makes it tempting to stay!  One of the most beautiful places down south is Snow Canyon state park.  It's worth every last penny of the $6 entrance fee.

Claire had fun playing in the Dunes.

I'll end with my favorite shot. Yes, you can get that much contrast in lanscape in one photo.

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Sarah Knight said...

GOrgeous Kate! I'm so jealous!