May 23, 2010

Good morning to you too!

This is just what everyone loves to see in their inbox first thing in the morning:

"Yet another mom with a camera that thinks they can moonlight as a photographer without the proper education and real world experience. I hope you feel great about ruining peoples once in a life time events with badly exposed, out of focus, awfully composed images that were taken with some cheap camera. -Nancy"

I checked the email it was sent from, and it is from a local photographer here in my home town. Thanks for the support! Didn't you start somewhere too?  I can't imagine why someone would spend so much time, effort and energy to be so negative.  Don't they know that if they put out that kind of negativity into the world, no one is going to want to work with them?  Didn't their mama teach them that if you don't have something nice to say, just don't say it?

It made me think of this brilliant post I read last week by Natalie Norton.  The woman is inspired! I hope it makes you laugh like it did for me last week, and again today when I needed a reminder. :)

"Someone Will Always Hate You.
I'm convinced that someone will always hate you,
and that it shouldn't really matter.
I'm convinced that for every 100-200 people who love you,
there is at least 1 who just won't.
Maybe they just don't understand you.
Maybe they just don't believe in, or are threatened by,
the things you represent.
Maybe they are simply misguided.
Maybe they are just mean.
or selfish.
or just loudmouthed and insensitive.
Whatever it is . . . it really doesn't matter.
Someone always will:
misunderstand you,
neglect to appreciate your efforts,
have an opinion about the way you cho0se to live,
feel threatened by the things you represent,
or just plain HATE you
for one inexplicable reason or another.
But again, it doesn't really matter.
really doesn't.
the thing I'm baffled by is this. . .
WHY do we (myself included) focus all our time and energy on the
ONE person that is giving us grief?
Why not the HUNDRED who love, support, celebrate and sustain us?
I'm convinced that someone will always hate you,
and that it shouldn't really matter.

and in case you haven't heard it a while,
I want you to know. . .
I love you.
I think you're wonderful.
I appreciate your efforts.
I am cheering you on.
I am your number 1 fan.
I think you can, I think you can,
In fact, I know you will.

Thanks Nat! You are oh so wise
p.s. I think you are friggin rad too! 
p.p.s. Thank you to everyone else who has shown nothin but love and support to me. I love you too!


Johny and Sarah said...

Wow, what nerve that lady had! And why does she care? Is she mad because she didn't get the gig? Get real! Why can't mom's have hobbies and explore and get better with practice. If I ever run across her name I won't be using her photography business for ANYTHING! And in fact, I'll give her bad press, because I think that's really low of her! I think you did a great job and I think that Pounders is pleased with your work. Way to go!

Erika Sullivan said...

How rude! I can't believe that! And how wrong she is, your work is NOT overexposed and it is great! What a dork! Can you imagine some of the comments that the big-time bloggers get that are so negative? That would be really hard on the self-esteem! Anyway, just keep doin' what you're doing, doesn't she know you can't stop Katie Dunn?

Brittany said...

that was AWESOME! I really needed that. :)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You have arrived! You have a negative comment from a local photographer.... which tells me, you really ruffled someone's feathers! Way to go! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Katie, she is clearly threatened by your work. That is because you are talented!! If you ever read or Nie Nie's blog you will know that what ever you do or don't do, there is some fool that will send you a nasty message about it. Just remember to be true to yourself and remember the golden rule. Keep up the good work!


Darrin Fry said...

I must say that some people are just Jack Asses. You should be proud of the accomplishments you have done. Your photos are great... Now if you would like... give us her E-mail address and name as she left it, and we can return her wonderful constructive criticism.

Kate said...

Thanks guys. You make me smile. I'm glad to know I've got some peeps who would kick some trash on my behalf. *loves*!

lamskid32 said...

How many times have you read that a photographer said they took many photos just to get that one really good shot, the one that was a keeper? Wonder what school the photographers went to that shot photographs of the Civil War and even before that? Those pictures may not have the best composition but they were and are a part of our history and they tell a story just as the photos you take of the people and places and events in your world. Pay no attention to "Nancy". I'll bet she doesn't get a smidgen of the pleasure you do when a photo you take turns out well.

Anonymous said...

What a meanie! Why should she care anyways. That is a real nasty person who puts down something someone loves doing. All that matters is how you feel and the satisfaction it brings you. If she thinks you have a cheap camera she should see my pics. As far as I'm concerned your camera seems to take some of the best pics I've seen!