June 17, 2010

Lindsay's Maternity Photos

Can you believe this mama is going to be having a baby girl in 10 weeks?  Lindsay was so fun to work with.  She's so personable, kind, and easy to be around.  We had a lot of fun getting to know each other. She is such a sweet mama to her two busy boys.  Baby girl is lucky to come into such a wonderful family. Here are just a few for now, more to come later!

Can you say pregnancy glow? I mean...come on!!  All I ever got was pregnancy acne....on top of my regular acne. I took this shot and said "Oh my gosh! You really are glowing!"

Little Dylan wanted to hear his baby sister. 


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Erika Sullivan said...

Ok, so now I am really depressed. It's her 3RD and she's the same week as me and I look like I'm having twins?! NO FAIR! Oh well, these shots turned out great! I can't wait to see mine! And I better make the blog, dang it!

Kate said...

Oh don't worry, you'll totally make the blog. They turned out SO gorgeous!