June 16, 2010

One last Farmer's Market Post...for now.

Forgive me but the farmer's market is a photographer's feast! Here are some beautiful people and things we saw at the farmer's market.

Isn't she stunning? Her skin tones, her eyes, her white smile, my goodness! We bought a delicious Sudanese lunch from her.

Yes, it's June and it's cold enough for this woman to wear a coat, hat, and scarf. Only in SLC!  Nevertheless, I think she's adorable.

Claire with crumbs on face, and smudges on glasses. That's how she rolls about 90% of the time.

All images (except for black and white) are "Sooc" Straight Out Of Camera

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Erika Sullivan said...

LOVE the new glasses for Claire. And I loved the farmer's market in San Diego so much! There was one in Baltimore, but it wasn't really nice. I want to go to the one by my house! They are so awesome! Where is the one in SLC?