June 25, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts...

Thursday's Thoughts are my personal ramblings inside my brain.  If you want to see photos, feel free to skip.  If you'd like to get to know me better and my random thoughts that so happen to fall on Thursday, keep reading. :)

It's technically not Thursday anymore.  It's an hour past. I have been so busy all day and can't quite shut my head off to drift into dreamland yet. (Unlike my husband, so peacefully snoring beside me. Lucky dog!)

Just a few thoughts about this blog: Kate Pease Photography. Some photographers do such a fantastic job at separating their personal work from their professional work.  They have two blogs or websites  One doting the cute/quirky/ordinary/everyday personal work, and the other is strictly professional, and so beautiful.  Both are inspiring, and great.  I had pondered this idea thinking: Is this something I should do for this particular blog? Would people take me more seriously if I didn't goof around about my personal side and went strictly professional on my blog?

These thoughts graced my mind for a few moments, and I came to a swift and firm NO.  The reason being, photography is just an integral part of who I am. I have always known it, it's just recently that the flicker inside has turned into a flame that I and others continue to fan. I cannot separate it from myself, and me personally. This is why I have a lot of personal work intermixed with my professional work on here. (Including Wednesday's Words, and Thursday's Thoughts which are an insight to what I find inspiring or feel like rambling about that day.)  This is not to say that someday I won't ever have a strictly professional website.  I plan to have a strictly professional website/portfolio (stay tuned!).

 I enjoy sharing a part of who I am on this blog. I watch my blog feed, and where my visitors come from; and some places are places I have never been, or know anyone from.  I have readers sprinkled all over the country: California, New York, AZ,places back east, lots from the south, and even a few in Canada. (Hey y'all! Thanks for reading, whoever you are!)  I feel that I share a sense of transparency with myself in this blog.  Since photography is so personal to me, you will probably see some faults, slips, bumps, and (hopefully) triumphs.  I plan to fail, get embarrassed, succeed, learn, grow, wonder, and share with all of you.

I don't like the word "client" because it sounds so impersonal, so I am going to say: I hope that my future (and current) friends will want to incorporate me in their lives by taking photos and capturing their memories not just because of my skill behind the camera, but also because they want to work with me, as a person....personally. :) I find it a huge honor to be asked to capture on camera one's precious memories.  Because to me, your memories are the most important thing to an individual.

Creating and capturing those memories are just as important. If your'e going to run out of your burning house, you are going to grab your photo albums, not your plasma TV.  Photos are your heirlooms. They are passed down. For example: I hope that Erika's little one (inside belly posted below) looks back on these photos years from now and finds joy in seeing his/her mother pregnant with him/her, and the love Erika felt towards this little one before they even met.  I asked Erika to think about this beautiful life she was growing inside while I took her photos. At one point, she got a little choked up. Photos and the emotions that are captured are a part of who you are.  They carry so much emotion and can take you back to that exact moment in your life.  They are priceless. They are deeply personal to each individual.  So that's why I can't separate it, at least not on this particular blog.  So here I am, Kate Pease, personally sharing many things with you.  Thank you fellow readers for taking part with me in my journey.  *Loves*

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Jess said...

Smate, You are so amazing! Not only are you compassionate and thoughtful but you are talented and skilled. Thank you for your Thursday thoughts. I am inspired! Don't worry, you WILL be photographing my wedding for real ;) one day. I Love You Smates! Thanks, Smess