April 27, 2011

Bill & Kay

These are my adorable grandparents.  They were visiting all the way from Houston Texas.  A couple of days before their departure, my Grandpa called me and said that he would love some portraits of his sweet wife.  I happily obliged! We scheduled the time and place and were ready for photos!  The day came and when I saw my Grandpa, he said  "I could hardly sleep last night! I was so excited for you to take photos of Kay!"  I thought that was darling. 

It's not hard to take a beautiful photo when you have a beautiful subject with beautiful light.

My Grandpa the jokester always makes her laugh. 

This is the most adorable thing I have ever heard:
My Grandpa told my Grandma that he was so excited to have a beautiful portrait of her.  She said "Well why didn't you do it when I was 40?" And he stopped dead in his tracks, looked her square in the eye and said "Because you are more beautiful now than you have ever been!  And you weren't half bad when I married you at 16 and a half!!" 

Isn't she radiant?

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Jen Beardall Photography said...

Beautifully done Kate!!! I wish both my Grandparents were still alive today to be able to capture those memories with them.

Sarah Knight said...

Kate, that black and white one of your grandpa looking at your grandma is breathtaking! Amazing job!

Brant Pease said...

Your Grandma has the Cutest Smile!!!