April 12, 2011

Angel's Landing

It's no secret that since it has been snowing even in mid-april, I love to go to warmer weather in Southern Utah.  This trip, I wanted to make it a point to hike one of my favorite hikes in the world which is Angel's Landing.  Who better to hike it with than my adventurous best friend Jessica.  This time of year is the most perfect time to hike it because it's not too cold, and not too hot.  The hike is mostly in the sun and I can imagine if I tried to hike it in the summer, I would pass out from the heat! 

See the highest tip on the left rock in the photo, that is where we would end up in many heavy breaths, sweat droplets, and a couple hours later!

It's always a gamble to hand your camera to a stranger and hope they take a decent photo of you, this one proves to be 25% decent. Jess and I are totally out of focus. haha Oh well! At least we have evidence that we did it!


This is a very steep part of the hike.  It's a series of switchbacks called "Walter's Wiggles".  While hiking, Jess and I kept exclaiming "Screw you Walter!!!"

Almost to the top!

View of weeping rock

So the last half mile of the hike is pretty dang scary.  You have to hold on to chains so you don't plummet to your death with thousand foot cliffs on either side of you. People die on it quite frequently and they say on the shuttle "Beware! Fatalities have occurred!"  My heart especially raced this trip because I kept thinking about the woman last year who just misplaced her foot and fell to her death. I also kept thinking that I have a lot more responsibility this time than the last time I did it because I have a beautiful baby girl who needs me!

I didn't dare take my camera out on the scary parts because almost as scary as myself plummeting to my death is my camera equipment plummeting to its death.  But this photo shows on the far left a chain and a steep cliff next to it.

These are not my photos because I did not DARE take my camera out at these points of the hike, but I just wanted to show a couple of the scary parts so you know what I'm talking about.
Thank you Joe Braun for the photos. He's a pretty dang good landscape photographer!

You can easily see in these photos how one mis step could result in death. You are one brave soul Joe for pulling out your camera at these points in the hike!

We made it to the top!
See that little white thing on the bottom right of the photo? Yeah, that's a bus! We were pretty high up there.

Don't lean too far forward and die Jess!

We had a blast, and were so happy to have done it! It was a beautiful day with beautiful company. If you are physically able and not deathly afraid of heights, you should really give this hike a try! It's pretty amazing!

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Unknown said...

Hey, awesome pictures! I was wondering though- since I am a chicken and afraid of heights- if I stop on the trail before the super-scary part starts, am I missing a lot or I should be fine scenery wise? (and by super-scary part i mean the chain part with a very narrow passage)