July 15, 2010

Envision Workshop

I was absolutely thrilled to attend the Envision workshop this week with Natalie Norton and Jonathan Canlas.  "Two photography greats in one workshop? Sign me up!" I said.  It felt like we were a bunch of old friends sitting around, eating crumpets (whatever those are), talking photography, business, the industry, finding inspiration, our personal struggles and how to overcome them, our vision, our goals, etc.  It was a priceless learning experience.  To cap off the already amazing day, we headed out for two photo sessions.  An engagement session, and a family session.  The lighting, the location, the photographers, and the subjects were nothing short of amazing!  Here's a few shots of everyone in action.  Stay tuned for more of the engagement and family sessions. 

Jon, attendees, and "engaged" couple workin it out.  We went to the old Lehi railroad station, but thankfully no train track pictures were taken! (It's just not my thing)

Natalie showing us the ropes. I think the Dad's cheeks hurt from smiling so much. :)

Seriously one of the coolest dudes you will ever meet. No lie. I so look forward to working with him again.

College fund? Nah, I think I'll start saving so he can shoot Claire's wedding in like 20+ years. :)

Natalie doin' her thing. She filled our brains to capacity with her wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Like I said, the workshop was slammin. I am so glad I was able to go!  I feel like I came away with not only a smarter me, but 17 new friends and peers.


Anonymous said...

Looked like fun! I went to Natalie's workshop in Calgary and it was AWESOME. I would have LOVED to go to the one with Jon. One day I would love to go to Film is Not Dead.

Johny and Sarah said...

Kate, this train station is the place we had our family picture taken this past Thanksgiving! Looks like you had fun and learned some great things!