July 1, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts...

I have t-minus 45 minutes until it's not Thursday anymore! Here are some very scattered and random thoughts.  I thought I'd do a mini series on here called "Lady Behind the Lens" (Lady makes me sound old). For those of you who don't know me very well, I can share a few snippets about me.  My brain feels like scrambled eggs that were run over with a car right now, so bear with me. :)

Anyway, Part 1 of Lady Behind the Lens: Random Randomness

*I hate touching raw meat
*I don't like touching cold things like ice
*I love Dr Pepper lip balm. It is moisturizing, but with a nice tint.
*Pebble ice is one of the best things ever invented.
*I was born in TX
*The best return on any investment you'll ever make is to travel. The "return of investment" of the memories you make is one that pays off so much.  I am a gigantic advocate of traveling.  It is such a learning experience.  I take the opportunity to travel as much as I can. (You like how I make it sound like it's a good financial decision by using financial mumbo jumbo terms? hehe)
*I have a pink bathroom. Pink tub, pink sink, pink walls. The place was built in the 50s. It makes me feel retro chic.

That's all for now.  Nothing philosophical tonight.  I'm afraid my brain would explode if I tried.

Photo of me, taken by Brant.  I swear I don't wear this outfit all the time, but all these pics were taken on the same day. 

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