July 9, 2010


Our garden is such a sense of joy for us.  There is nothing quite as soul satisfying as getting your hands dirty in the garden.  Here's a few pictures of the harvest we look forward to, and currently have. We even grew some of our crops from seed for the first time! We are such proud produce parents!

I cannot wait till these guys are red, plump, and juicy

Little baby baby cucumbers

These are Claire's favorites. "A saw-beh-yie"

Is there anything better than fresh basil? Pair it with a home-grown tomato and fresh mozzarella and you have sheer heaven.


Brittany said...

I'm beyond jealous. Color me green. One of my goals in life is to be able to eat solely out of my own garden. But cannot seeing as I live in an apartment. One day....

Erika Sullivan said...

Will it ever get hot enough up there to ripen your tomatoes? I can't wait to have a garden next year, Brant will have to help me with tips!

lamskid32 said...

Katie, if you planted any of these, then you inherited the gene from your great and great great grandmothers. They both could plant and grow anything.Unfortunately, I inherited the brown gene! I swear that mother could plant a stick and a tree would grow!