July 2, 2010

"A party a party!"

I titled my post "A party, a party!" Cause every time I read this little lift-the-flap birthday book to Claire, at the very end when baby finds his birthday cake, she says "A party! A party!" every. single. time.  It's adorable.  

For Claire's Birthday she:
Rode the merry-go-round with me

Rode the ferris wheel with Grandma and Pop

Blew out the candles on her cake

And stuffed in as much at once as humanly possible

Yes...turning two is highly satisfactory!


Becky said...

"A party, a party" was had by all! Look at that angel's smile in the Jackie O glasses on the ferris wheel! Classic!!!!

Erika Sullivan said...

I LOVE the ferris wheel picture with G-ma and Pop. The looks on their faces are so funny with mini-person Claire smooshed in-between them with her glasses! I love it! And seriously, I want that cake SOOO BAD!! I wish we could've been there! Hopefully in future birthdays to come, for all our kids!