December 16, 2010

Maui Alii Kula Lavender Farms

I got a great recommendation from my friend Tami who is Maui born and raised to visit the Lavender farms in upcountry.  It was so beautifully refreshing, rejuvenating, and relaxing.  The farm is nestled up on a mountain on a steep hillside.  The air is thick and humid.  The day we were there, we were literally in a cloud.  You could see the fog mist rolling by right in front of you.  My skin welcomed the humidity as a break from dry Utah.  When we stepped out of the car, and filled our lungs with humid lavender aroma, I could have cried it felt so good. We stopped in the shop and bought just a couple things.  I decided that for once I would get just a little something for myself.  I don't know about you, but when I travel, I usually spend all my spending money on gifts for everyone else, and usually get nothing for myself. Since I had hardly any room in my bag to bring home things to everyone, I decided to get just a little something for myself (Sorry guys!).  I got some essential oil from lavender grown on the hillside.  It smells just out of this world.  Here are some photos of our little excursion to upcountry. 

It makes me so happy to hand my big hefty (intimidating) camera to a stranger and they can take a half decent photo of the two of us. Yay! p.s. Don't diss our matching chacos. Yes, we are nerds.

See the cloud?

I think we have a future photog on our hands!  Brant had a lot of fun shooting with my back up camera.


Jonya said...

I can just smell the lavender. Beautiful photos, even if you look like "nerds". I don't care if you looked like a pineapples, or lavender bushes, or nerds.....I love you both.

Lostylady said...


Johny and Sarah said...

No wonder I haven't seen you around! How fun! Glad you got to travel to somewhere warm! It looks beautiful.