December 29, 2010

Our Family Photos!

I can't believe I haven't shown these yet!  We had our photos taken by Sarah Knight, and Hayley Alberts.  I am so thankful they could come out and take our photos!!! These are precious treasures I will cherish forever and ever! Thank you girls SO much!!!  

We had our photos done in October (which by the way is the best time to get them done for leaves, fall foliage, and to get them done and ready before Christmas).We headed to just this end of the road random place that had decent leaves, and it worked out so well!  Claire on the other hand....was busy.  She would not sit still for more than .2 seconds, and refused to let us hold her for more than .3 seconds.  Basically all of us were just chasing her around.  There was just too much to explore, she didn't want her photo taken!  Such is the life of a two year old, and such is the life of a photographer photographing a two year old!  As diva as it sounds, I don't think these would have worked out without the two of them there!  Sarah mainly did the shooting, and sweet Hayley assisted by trying to help Claire and get her attention.  She had this amazing bird puppet that Claire thought was hilarious. Thank you thank you thank you Hayley for helping us corral Claire, and helping Sarah get a shot of Claire looking in the general direction of the camera. You were ah-mazing!  Thank you both SO much for doing this for us!!! We love all of the photos!!!

By Sarah

By Sarah.

By Hayley.  Is't that smile to. die. for? This is one of my favs.

My mom loves this one
By Sarah.

by Sarah.

 By Sarah. This photo makes me SO happy! 

By Sarah.  This was quite typical of our shoot, Claire running away! I love how this one turned out though.

Hayley captured this moment of Brant being sweet to me, as always.

By Sarah.

By Sarah.  This photo just makes me hysterically happy!  That little shoulder is so typical of Claire's personality, it's SO dang cute!

By Sarah.

By Hayley. I love this one!

By Sarah.

By Sarah.

By Sarah.

By Hayley. Along with the awesome candids we got, we were also able to get a couple traditional shots.

By Sarah.  Right before Claire went kaput, we were able to get this photo.  I cannot tell you how much I love it!!! Don't I have the sweetest daughter and family on the whole entire earth?

Thank you thank you thank you again Hayley and Sarah!!! I can't wait to do another photo swap soon!

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They are awesome pics!!!