December 18, 2010


My goodness I love these plants! They are so stunningly beautiful.  I am pretty sure I need a print of this one on my wall.  Where should I put it?


Jonya said...

You know this would be pretty on your dark walled entry........or, on the wall as you come up the stairs next to the bathroom door......or, over the electrical box outside the downstairs bathroom door.....or, on the wall where you have the keys, (move that box elsewhere. Just thinking out loud!
I love these things too. They've always fascinated me in how they grow. I remember first seeing them at Cactus and Tropicals , (my favorite hang out in SL).

Becky said...

Last Christmas, Northpark had huge 8'x8' containers along the main thoroughfare just outside of Neiman's, that were completely covered with this plant. GORGEOUS orchids were shooting through the base. IT WAS STUNNING!!!