August 4, 2010

Dunn-Davis-Kent-Wallace Families

I am not lying when I say that these beautiful people are some of my favorite people on the whole entire planet.  Their love and laughter is absolutely infectious.  Would you believe that I'm related to them? How come I got skimped on this gorgeous gene pool? Sheesh!  Would you believe that we shot this entire session in under an hour in the rain?  Thankfully the light cooperated with me and we were able to capture some stunning images.  See for yourself. :)

The whole Fam-Damily

The ones responsible for the whole bunch

All because two people fell in love

Wallace Family

Kent Family

Davis Family

The Men

Mother and Daughters

See what I mean when I talk about their infectious laughter? 

Grandparents and Grandkids

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Erika Sullivan said...

Love the pictures! They are all rock stars! I love these guys too, I just wish I was as beautiful as they are!!

Beck said...

Love all of these people. They are the greatest and I count myself lucky to call them family!!!