August 5, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

Lady Behind the Lens: Unusual facts about me intermingled with a super embarrassing story.

* My favorite sushi roll is the Spicy Tuna roll

* I rarely wear jewelry except for my wedding rings.  I am allergic to most earrings.

* My aunt Robbie introduced me to one of my most favorite snacks.  Popcorn with Jr mints (together in your mouth at the same time).  It's amazing!!!  Pair it with an iced coke, a romantic comedy, and a comfy couch, and I am in sheer heaven!

* I have had lipo-suction.  I wish it was in the way you're thinking! Nah, I had reconstructive surgery on my lower left side after I was a passenger in a major roll over car accident.

* I do not like the word "flesh" EW!  But I do like the word "tumultuous".  I just like the way it sounds.

* I can never spell the words exercize or definately (exercise, definitely thank you spell check)

* I have a 3.9 GPA in college. (Darn that A-!)

*Yet I still cannot spell the words exercize or definately....hmmm.....

* I wear all my emotions on my sleeve.  I am a very exuberant and passionate person.  I am driven and determined.  I have been told I have a strong personality. (Hopefully not in too bad of a way).  I am also very decisive. Because of this combination of personality traits, my shy somewhat timid sister calls me "Steamroller". hahaha

* Embarrassing story time!  When I was in 11th grade in High school, I ripped my best friend's black pleather (yeah, you heard me right, pleather) pants right up the butt at a dance.  I was doing this sweet dance move and all the sudden RRRIIIPPPP! I looked down and my white undies were glowing florescent in the black lights.  Probably one of the most embarassing moments of my life.

Stay tuned for next week's Thursday's Thoughts as I recount embarrassing story number 2.  It involves wardrobe malfunctions, sweat, and cheer tryouts.


TnT and Emmalee said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! i LOVED your embarassing story!!

Darrin Fry said...

I remember that car accident. Its amazing we are all still alive.

Kate said...

True that Darrin! We survived that bad boy together!

Jess said...

Well thankfully it was only a short time later that I ripped my OTHER pair of pleather pants at a stomp! Yep also embarrassed! Love you!