August 14, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

The Saturday Edition! This past week has been so insanely busy for me, I couldn't find a moment to share some thoughts. :)

Today, more snippets into my life, and embarrassing story number two.

* I battle insomnia therefore I am such a picky sleeper. Conditions have to be just so in order for me to fall asleep. I'm a side sleeper and I literally have to have 4 pillows (two under my head, one to snuggle, and one between my knees), an earplug in my ear that's not against the pillow, covers up over my shoulder, and a song sung to myself in my head over and over again in order to fall asleep.

* The only eggs I'll eat is a Spanish Omelet from the Blue Plate Diner smothered in guacamole, cheese, sour cream, and salsa. I've never been an egg eater.

* I am a quarter Swedish and proud of it!  My maternal Grandmother is a first generation American citizen and came through Ellis island on a boat a very long time ago.

* My favorite classical musician is Chopin.

* I also have always loved Claude Debussy, hence why our daughter's name is Claire (named after his tug-at-your-heart song Clair de Lune)

Embarrassing Story Time!  When I was in high school, I took dance classes.  Someone suggested to me, "Try out for Cheer!" Knowing me and my fearlessness, I said "Why not?" so I gave it a whirl.  Try-outs were going great until the very last cheer/dance in front of the panel of judges who made the final decision.  There I was, dancing my little heart out, when all the sudden something didn't feel right... I had one of those bras that clasped in the front, and to my dismay, the clasp came undone!  I've never been a small girl in that department so you can imagine my confusion when things felt particularly...bouncy.  It completely threw me off guard, but I ended up laughing about it the entire way home from try-outs!  Needless to say, I didn't make the squad.
 Moral of the story number 1: Things happen for a reason! Had I made the cheer squad, I would have never made our high school's elite choir, which would have never led me to getting a vocal scholarship in college, which would have never led me to singing in college, which would have never led me to meeting my husband, which would have never led me to the life I have now. :)
Moral of the story number 2: Make sure the girls are held securely before you do any sort of dance in front of anyone.


Erika Sullivan said...

Don't you eat that Greek Fritatta? That's eggs!

Kate said...

Yeah, I've only had that like twice though. And I'm never super eager to make it.

Lostylady said...
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