August 2, 2010

Lwin Family

Laura is a childhood friend of my older sister.  I could easily post embarrassing childhood photos of Laura and Erika on here (think awkward tween phase slip 'n' slide birthday party)...but I'm feeling extra nice today so I think I'll post beautiful photos of Larua and her beautiful family. :) I haven't seen Larua in about 15 years.  I was thrilled when we re-connected a la amazing facebook.  I gush every time she posts photos of her kids so you can imagine my excitement when she contacted me to do their family photos!  We returned to the sentimental place where Laura and Charles said their "I do"s almost 15 years ago. It was a beautiful setting for a beautiful family. 

Lizzie, how old are you?

I'll end with my fav. :)

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Erika Sullivan said...

These are precious! They all look wonderful! Good job Kate!

Laura Edwards said...

Beautiful pics Katie!