November 15, 2010

Out with the Old....

I love making improvements, and making things better.  I got new business cards a while back and I thought I would show you what a difference it makes to have a good business card!

Here's the old one. Yuck! I'm glad I only had it for like 2 months.  I hurried and made this one really fast because I was going to a convention and needed a business card to keep in touch with new friends I would make.  I hurried and made it myself and sent it to print.  It's on run of the mill paper. (And this particular one looks awful cause I dug it out of the back of Brant's wallet)

Home-made logo (I'm a photographer, not a graphic designer), crappy paper, crappy quality

In with the new! Ooh la la! Custom designed logo by a professional, nice thick linen paper. So much better!

My card is like an onion, it has layers. :) Open first flap, photo of me so they know who this Kate Pease person is.

Open second flap, and this is the inside.

Here's what I love about it: Usually when you hand people a business card, they hardly give it a glace and just shove it in their pocket or wallet.  Every single time I have given someone one of these, they stop, open it, look at it, ponder it, and proceed to ask me more questions whether it be about photography in general, my business or the pictures inside.  Another thing I love about it is that because I can display some photos, and right off the bat people get a feel for my photography style without having to go to my website.  Right away they can determine if they really like me and want to learn more, or if I'm not a good fit for them for what their looking for. 
Plus, because it's a nice card that wasn't thrown together and printed very cheaply, they know I mean bidness! (That's business with some sass.)

And here's the back

I have to thank my dear husband Brant for designing the card for me (with exception to the logo). There's no way I could have designed it myself in Adobe Illustrator. I am so so thankful for a technologically/computery capable man at my disposal. Without him, I would most likely be conducting business by a rotary phone. No lie.

Don't be shy to ask for one when you see me next!

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Lostylady said...

So cute! I am a little bummed that Lizzie didn't make it on your card though :)