November 18, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts: Katherine vs. Katie vs. Kate

Oh the many names I go by! Plus a billion more nicknames from my parents who can never even call people by their names.  They are notorious for giving nicknames for the nicknames. It's exhausting keeping up with it and having to explain the nicknames of the nicknames of the nicknames to everyone. :)

I was born Katherine.  My mom said that she had every intention of calling me Katherine.  But when my personality came out, everyone started to call me Katie.  So that is what I went by when I was growing up all through high school, some of college, and some after college.  It is what was chosen for me.  When I decided to get real serious about my photography, and opening a business, believe it or not, I had such a hard time coming up with a name.  Do I give my business a name? Do I make it an extension of my name? Do I come up with something unique?  I ultimately decided to use my name. I'll be frank here, Pease is a tough name! When I was pregnant with Claire, I had such a hard time finding names that go well with Pease. Growing up I loved the name Reese for a baby.  But Reese Pease...yeah doesn't work out so much. (Talk about giving your kid a complex!)  When I married Brant, I was so happy to take his name as any bride is (unless your groom's name is Puckfarker.  True story, we know of someone with that last name), but I didn't like the ring of Katie Pease.  (No offense to Brant's brother Tannin's wife who is also a Katie Pease).  But for me, it has to many E E E sounds. Katie Pease.  So, I took matters into my own hands and decided to go by Kate.  I've always loved it.  A lot of my family and extended family call me Kate all the time anyway.  And I feel it suits my photography too.  Katie Pease Photography sounds too "cutesy" and I don't really feel that my photography is cutesy.  Perhaps it sounds cutesy cause of all the E E sounds.

 So I was out to dinner with friends a couple weeks ago.  A big group date combined with some old and some new friends. The new friends said "So Kate..." and the old friends said "It's Katie! It's Katie!" and were giving me a hard time about the switcherooney. What's the big deal? I just dropped one letter! :)  But I really don't mind.  Call me whatever you'd like! Just don't call me late for dinner! Trust me, if you were my parents and sister, you'd call me "KK, Kakey D, KKD, Baby Quakes, Shorty, Kate K..." the list goes on and on and on.  And if you were Brant, you'd call me a zillion other nicknames.
So there you have it on my many names. Katherine. Katie. Kate. You'll hear me go by all three (plus many many more), and feel free to call me what suits you best! :)

Photo by Hayley


Your Dear Sweet Mother said...

You forgot a few: Quakey D, Baby Havelina, Shmatie, Shmates, Minnie, Minnie Me....just to name a few more. Aunt Debbie was the first to call you Minnie. She thought your tiny voice sounded like Minnie Mouse when you were about three.
Sorry my dear, but you were born a Dunn, and everyone is given more nicknames than they can count. When you have uncles that are called, Wuzzie, Ro-bunns, and Miguel Manuel the hired hand......I would say your fate of having unusual nicknames is a given! One word.....DEAL!
Love, Quennie, MoMa, Donna, Reba, Reba-baby, Ishmama, and a few others I won't mention!

Kate said...

Mother, You forgot Jonya.

Jonya said...

How on earth could I forget that one!